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Decorating My Porch For Winter

Decorating My Porch For Winter

Though Christmas is indeed the most wonderful time of the year, I like to decorate for the entire season of winter, not just for the holidays. One of my very favorite areas to decorate is my porch because it's the first space people see when they drive by or are walking up to the door.
I am an antique lover through and through. I like a simple and neutral farmhouse style that's welcoming and inviting to all. I added this beautiful table, chair, and bed & breakfast sign to the outdoor area in hopes of giving it a warm "home sweet home" feel.
Adding simple touches of greens always makes anything look wonderful. The more greenery, the merrier! I think natural elements are great accents. Because winter begins on Dec. 21st, I like to be able to leave out a lot of my favorite things from Christmas so I try to keep it “wintery”. My love for a neutral palette really comes in handy during winter. Whites of all different shades make for an easy transition. 
One of my favorite things about winter is that it's versatile! 

I like to show that you can still use your garden accents even in the winter time like I've done here.

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