So Happy you are here !!

When I think about it: growing up in the family farmhouse in Ohio that my dad grew up in, having a mom who loves garage sales and country magazines, a Grandma who had a basement full of craft supplies and dress up clothes and a Grandpa who loved to find junk on the side of the road & fix it up, it comes as no surprise that I turned out the way I did!  My love for the rustic farmhouse style, hunting for vintage goods and turning trash into treasure runs pure and true. I guess you could say I come by it honest.
I began this business at age 19 in 1988 fresh out of high school.  I have spent many years since then from starting out in a little side street store front in Ohio, working as a product designer for a leading gift wholesaler, doing trade shows, having a seasonal mall store front, setting up pop ups shows and making a move to North Carolina to establish Olde Tyme Marketplace. After spending 10 years there growing my business, a unique opportunity came about for us to relocate  Olde Time Marketplace to Madison, Indiana! 
This is where you can come and visit our 5,000 square foot brick and mortar shop!  We have become a destination shop and love seeing new faces every single day. Many of you follow us on social media and it is always fun to make that connection!
I learned a lot along the way and the business has evolved and seen changes.  The one thing that I started out with and remains to this day, is the passion and the love I have for what I do!  I am always still learning and growing. With the growth comes the new website!  My hope is that you will be able to enjoy Olde Tyme Marketplace in your home! As you browse our collection of merchandise, know that each piece has been hand selected by me in keeping with the Olde Tyme Marketplace style.  You will find many one of a kind pieces in our curated collections as well as all time favorites you will be able to purchase at a click of a button!
We are thrilled you are here and honored you have chosen to place a piece of Olde Tyme Marketplace in your home.
Marketplace Blessings,