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Christmas Around The Shop

Christmas Around The Shop

We have had such a great time experiencing the holidays for the first time in our bigger location! So much goes into filling space and trying to keep it pretty yet shop-able. Merchandising is SOOOOO much different than decorating.  

The best way I can explain it is that it is like a puzzle. All the pieces have to fit together in order for it to look complete and put together. We designed this shop to have wide vacant space so you can have a comfortable shopping experience. Much to our surprise, it’s the guys who comment on that a lot. The ladies LOVE the carts! We were on the fence about getting those but every day I am reminded they were a great idea! 

We actually restocked Christmas inventory this past week! I know right? We know you like to keep adding those special touches. We included a few favorites on the website too!  We Get You! Rest assured we have what you need to make the house Christmas Cozy. 

I see it like this.....Enjoy Christmas every second you can. Soak it up, breath it in, decorate your heart out because we all know how fast it is over.  

Here’s to Twinkle lights and Hallmark Nights, Beth

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Kristine on

Out of this world -I want everything. Best shop and old thyme accessories I have ever laid my eyes on ox Thank you ox

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