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How To Make Your Own

How To Make Your Own "Vintage" Produce Sign

The cooler weather has finally decided to make its appearance, so I've been working on some festive, fun DIY crafts lately. I needed a new sign and thought this DIY vintage wall decor would be such a fun one to share! It's a produce sign that you can PRODUCE yourself.. and best part? The entire project 

should only take about 30 minutes to create! Keep scrolling to see the how-to and simple step-by-step tutorial to create your own. Happy crafting! 



*Stencil Brush

*Paint of choice 

*Cardboard to wipe excess paint off your brush



*Staple gun

*wet rag to wipe mistakes

*And....some chippy old barn word if possible. However, you can use new wood and paint it to your preference.


First thing's first - cut your wood to preferred length, and begin lining up your stencil. These little lines on the stencil are meant to help to keep things in an even line.

To stencil,  dip brush into paint then brush most of it off on the cardboard scrap so you have a "dry" brush


My secret here is that I begin placing my stencils and LIGHTLY tapping so you can faintly see the letter. I do this so I can see if there are any changes I would like to make before I commit to the real finished letters. Your wet rag will come in handy here to wipe away anything you want to change. You need to  act quickly so the paint doesn't dry on you.


Once you are happy with the placement....GOT FOR IT! You can begin your full on paint application - once you have the stencils in place, you can't go wrong.

 Once you are done you will end up with a fantastic sign! To further the vintage look, take your sandpaper and lightly sand over the entire piece to create a weathered feature.

 Lastly, add a wire hanger with two staples on each side! 

THEN HANG AND STYLE!! You've created your own vintage produce sign in less than 30 minutes! Well done. 

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