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Thrift Store Favorites And Tips

Thrift Store Favorites And Tips

Let's talk all things THRIFTING!! Today I am sharing a few of my favorite thrift store finds and tips! 

 Isn't this the prettiest little stool? I found it for $1.99!! Believe it or not, this piece was not found in the furniture section but on the wood aisle!

Thrift Tip: make sure you look both places! You never know what you'll find.

This beach hat was a score for just .99 cents!!

Thrift tip: Hats make great decor too. Hang them on a wooden ladder, the wall by themselves, or in a frame! There are lots of fun possibilities.


I found all of these wooden paddle spreaders in the cutlery area! These were .59 cents each and just piled up in a big bin!

Thrift Tip: Don't be afraid to dig. These were at the very bottom, so I wouldn't have discovered them if I didn't rummage through the bin! That's the fun part about thrifting after all.


This white framed board was labeled as an old sign, and I knew I had to have it. I loved the size and the price was only $12.00. I thought it would be perfect for layering in a display like it is featured above.

Thrift Tip: If the price is right buy it now and think about how to use it later. This had a blank canvas so I figured the opportunities were endless!


I love looking for urns!! These can be in a variety of places in a thrift store.

Thrift Tip: Look for urns in the artificial flower area where wreaths and other things are. You may find one you like that already has an arrangement in it!! And... If you don't like the arrangement......DONATE IT BACK!



-Look carefully for the color tags that mean SALE! The colors are probably different each week since sales change. Pay attention to those!

-Don't haggle at a thrift store, and treat this as you would a regular store. Thrift doesn't mean flea market.

 -Look high and low and dig away! There are great things at all levels and all thrift stores have different layouts.

-Hunt in other areas to find pairs! Think candle sticks, bookends, decor, etc...



I truly hope these tips help you the next time you go thrifting shopping! The thrill of the hunt is BEST PART. HAPPY THRIFTING FRIENDS!! 


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