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Top 6 Favorite Fall Flea Market Finds

Top 6 Favorite Fall Flea Market Finds

If you know me at all, you know I'm a huge fan of flea markets, antique finds, and vintage shops. One of my very favorite times to flea market hop is just before fall and autumn have officially arrived! Vendors seem to really ramp up their booths when a new season rolls around. It truly is the best time to stock up on all of your fall home decor since most merchants update their inventory with all the newest vintage deals and steals! And, trust me when I say... you will come across a variety of budget-friendly gems that you'll want to bring home.
Keep scrolling to see my top 6 favorite fall flea market finds I scored this year!

1. Marmalade Pots

Fall Flea Market Finds Featuring Marmalade Pots

These gorgeous marmalade pots are like the "unicorns" of the bunch - the ones you really have to dig deep for! However, they are definitely out there. These pots add such historic elegance to shelf decor.

2. Cutting Boards

Good news, folks! Cutting boards of all shapes and sizes are fairly easy to find at flea markets. Pricing varies on these which means it's possible to find them regardless of your budget. How cute are these pig cutting boards I found? They are giving me all the vintage farmhouse vibes.

3. Ironstone

Neutral Ironstone found at a vintage flea market

Well... I am officially addicted to ironstone and make no apologies! History plays such a large role when it comes to beautiful ironstone pieces, which is just one more reason to love and collect them. Use ironstone as shelf decor, flower pots, and even drink pitchers! There are endless amounts of possibilities. 

4. Old Signs

Decorating Your Home Using Old Antique Signs From A Flea Market

My favorite antique signs are hand painted black and white. They add great character to your home decor and can be placed in a variety of spaces. At a flea market, prices vary. However, be prepared to spend good money on certain theme signs!

5. Grainstacks

Grainstacks as a favorite fall piece from a flea market

What's more fitting than adding some wheat or grain stacks to your fall home decor? When hunting for these at the flea market, make sure you look in boxes! This is another item you might have to dig for! The neutral color of grain goes perfectly with any color pallet you're using for your fall decor.

6. Baskets

Flea market finds for fall home decor including baskets, ironstone, and grain

You might be asking yourself what's so special about a basket? Well, baskets come in so many unique shapes, styles, and sizes, and act as a functional piece in the home. Not only can they be used for home decor, they can also be utilized for storage or transporting small items around the home. They are another price-friendly item that you always have space for.

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